How long does it take to learn basic salsa?

Salsa has proven to be one of the most popular dance styles across the UK with thousands of enthusiasts taking part in classes every week. It’s a great way to socialise, keep fit and have fun all in the same night.

Beginners salsa classes are a fantastic starting point for anyone who wants to learn how to dance. With patience and encouragement from your teacher, you will be taught the basics of how to move your body and start connecting with other people through partner work. These basic steps will build up to more complex movements and patterns over the course of the lessons.

There are many different types of beginners salsa classes London, but each will offer the same key elements: a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, expert teachers and plenty of fun! Some may have live music or a DJ and some will also offer weekly social dancing. They will provide you with the foundations to progress quickly and confidently and will help you find your personal style of dancing.

A beginners salsa class will be a good opportunity to meet new friends and have some fun in an informal environment. Usually, the classes will be small in size which means you will get to know everyone else and can easily plan an outing with the group. The instructors will provide you with clear instructions and a structured curriculum that you can follow outside of the class.

During your lesson you will be taught the fundamentals of how to lead and follow a partner, basic steps and turns. You will learn the timing and rhythm of salsa, as well as how to move your body to the beat of the music. Those who have never danced before will find this to be the perfect entry level course to discover that they do actually have a right foot after all!

Once you have mastered the beginner and improvers 1 levels, you can move up to our intermediate courses. In this level, you will be challenged by your tutors to incorporate the previous lessons into salsa combinations and more advanced partnerwork. This is a challenging and rewarding level that will take around one to one and a half years to complete. If you have already mastered the syllabus and would like to move up to this level faster, we recommend booking an intensive course.